UPS: Traffic Control 650 watt PSW High Temp inc Batt Lead

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Traffic Control 650 watt PSW High Temp inc Batt Lead

Introducing the TC Series UPS, a robust and industrial-grade power protection solution that has passed rigorous practical experiments and complies with Transportation Electrical Equipment Specifications (TEES). Designed to excel in challenging environments, the TC UPS offers a wide operating temperature range from -37°C to +74°C, ensuring reliable performance without derating even in extreme conditions. With programmable dry contacts, various communication options, and enhanced power management capabilities, the TC Series UPS is a versatile and reliable choice for critical applications.

Main Features

  • Satisfying TEES Qualified UPS: TC UPS has proven its industrial-grade power protection through practical experiments and is compliant with TEES standards, making it suitable for outdoor equipment.
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: Designed to operate in temperatures ranging from -37°C to +74°C, TC UPS doesn't derate in extreme conditions, ensuring the protection of critical devices.
  • Programmable Dry Contacts: Benefit from 6 outputs and 1 input programmable dry contact, enabling better power management and accident resilience.
  • Various Communications Available: TC provides multiple communication options, including USB B type, RS-232, and an optional Ethernet port.
  • Generator Mode Compatibility: Generator mode allows for wider variations in input voltage and frequency when an AC generator is applied.
  • Accurate Message Delivery: The 4-line 20 character display maintains high contrast and sharpness, even under sunlight, ensuring accurate information monitoring.
  • Particular Information Monitoring: A specially customised UPS monitoring system displays specific TC information easily through a web browser.
  • Flexible Communication Method: With a communication slot, UPS status and scheduled actions can be easily collected for system monitoring.
  • Enhanced Power Management Ability: Additional input ports are available for more reference in UPS power management.
  • Built-in AVR Function: TC's in-built AVR stabilises fluctuating voltage, brownouts, and other voltage problems for optimal performance.
  • Inverter Mode: TC UPS can run continuously in inverter mode and provides current limit protection for critical applications.

Elevate your power protection with the TC Series UPS, a TEES qualified solution designed for demanding environments. With a wide temperature range, programmable contacts, versatile communication options, and enhanced power management, it ensures reliable performance for critical applications. Discover its inverter mode, generator compatibility, and more.

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