Low Voltage Power Drop Charts

Note: for both AC and DC low voltage, generally the maximum acceptable voltage drop is 10%. The below charts assume this.

12V DC Power Drop / Max Cable Distance Chart

The below DC voltage drop cable distance chart works as follows. The left column notes the amount of power that the device you are powering requires . The "mA" after the number stands for milli-amps. For example, say you are using a CCTV camera that requires max 300mA. Using 18 gauge power cable, you can run your cable up to 88 metres.


 24 AWG22 AWG20 AWG18 AWG16 AWG14 AWG12 AWG
DC 100mA 66 metres 104 metres 181 metres 264 metres 420 metres 670 metres 1069 metres
DC 200mA 33 metres 52 metres 91 metres 132 metres 210 metres 335 metres 535 metres
DC 300mA 22 metres 34 metres 60 metres 88 metres 140 metres 223 metres 356 metres
DC 400mA 16 metres 26 metres 45 metres 66 metres 105 metres 167 metres 267 metres
DC 500mA 13 metres 21 metres 36 metres 53 metres 84 metres 134 metres 214 metres
DC 750mA 9 metres 14 metres 24 metres 35 metres 56 metres 89 metres 142 metres
DC 1000mA 6 metres 10 metres 18 metres 26 metres 42 metres 67 metres 107 metres


24V AC Power Drop / Max Cable Distance Chart

The AC voltage drop cable distance chart works the same way as the DC one. However, most 24VAC power supplies are measured in voltage amps ("VA"), or watts. Voltage amps / watts can be converted to milli-amps. You can use this voltage to watts conversion tool if the value you need is not in the below chart. We have provided the conversion for you below the VA value in the column on the left. For example, 10VA is the same as 417mA.

Using the below chart, you can see that if you are using a AC powered or dual voltage security camera that requires up to 417mA of power, you run 18 gauge power cable up to 137 metres.


 24 AWG22 AWG20 AWG18 AWG16 AWG14 AWG12 AWG
10 VA (417mA) 31 metres 86 metres 87 metres 137 metres 218 metres 348 metres 552 metres
20 VA (833mA) 16 metres 43 metres 43 metres 69 metres 109 metres 174 metres 276 metres
30 VA (1250mA) 10 metres 29 metres 29 metres 46 metres 73 metres 116 metres 184 metres
40 VA (1667mA) 8 metres 21 metres 22 metres 34 metres 55 metres 87 metres 138 metres
50 VA (2083mA) 6 metres 17 metres 17 metres 27 metres 44 metres 69 metres 110 metres


Ohm's Law Calculator


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