EIAJ RC-5320A Plugs

EIAJ is an acronym for Electronics Industries Association of Japan.  EIAJ have now merged with the Japan Electronic Industry Development Association (JEIDA) to form the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA).  EIAJ developed a range of plugs and jacks for connection of low voltage power supplies to consumer equipment.   EIAJ plugs have now been widely adopted by Japanese and other consumer product manufacturers.  EIAJ Plugs are similar in design to more commonly used Concentric Barrel Plugs. They can usually be identified by a yellow coloured insulating ring at the tip.  EIAJ RC-5320A plugs are available in sizes to suit five Voltage Classifications. EIAJ Type A (1, 2 and 3) have a hollow centre similar to the Concentric Barrel Plugs. EIAJ Type B (4 and 5) have an internal pin. The EIAJ standard requires that these plugs are always wired with the centre pin as positive (+) polarity.

EIAJ RC-5320A Plug Type A (1-3) without Internal Pin
Model Voltage  Classification Rated  Voltage Rated  Current A (OD) B (ID) C (L) REF-OUTPUTPLUGS-refeiajfemale.gif
EIAJ-01 1 3.15V DC 2A 2.4 0.7 9.5
EIAJ-02 2 6.30V DC 2A 4.0 1.7 9.5
EIAJ-03 3 10.50V DC 2A 4.8 1.7 9.5
EIAJ RC-5320A Plug Type B (4-5) with Internal Pin
Model Voltage
EIAJ male plug EIAJ-04, EIAJ-05 power socket electroniics JEIDA JEITA
EIAJ-04 4 13.5V DC 2A 5.5 3.3 1.0 9.5
EIAJ-05 5 18.0V DC 2A 6.5 4.3 1.4 9.5