UPS: Vanguard II 1500VA PSW On-Line

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Vanguard II 1500VA PSW On-Line

Introducing the VGS Series UPS, a powerhouse of power efficiency and advanced features. With a 0.9 Power Factor for exceptional efficiency, On-Line Double Conversion technology, and a host of additional benefits, this UPS ensures reliable and filtered power support for critical equipment. Explore the multi-language LCD, UPSMON PRO support, and more for a comprehensive power protection solution.

Main Features

  • Power Efficiency 0.9 Power Factor: The VGS series offers a 0.9 Power Factor, delivering excellent real power ratio that satisfies higher power density and better space design.
  • On-Line Double Conversion Technology: This high-frequency, double-conversion technology provides a true sine wave output, ensuring filtered and reliable power support for your equipment.
  • Fan Speed Regulation: Automatic adjustment based on load variances gives optimal temperature control with lower noise, enhancing the user experience.
  • Advanced Battery Management System: This system provides precise charging based on battery condition and temperature, ensuring extensive battery life and optimal performance.
  • Controllable Load Segment Receptacle: Smart power control can prioritise power distribution during regular operation and emergency, ensuring efficient use of power resources.
  • Manual Control Friendly Multi-Language LCD: The international language LCD supports English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and more, enhancing user accessibility.
  • UPSMON PRO Software & App Support: Comprehensive monitoring features like status display, scheduled events, and setting adjustments are available through computers and mobile devices.
  • EPO: Emergency Power Off enables imminent shutdown during critical times, enhancing safety.
  • DC Cold Start Function: UPS operation is available without the main power base, based on user needs.
  • Compatibility: Selectable Output Voltage: User-adjustable voltage output offers flexibility for various critical equipment needs.
  • Frequency Stabilising Feature: Free Run Mode allows consistent 50/60Hz output with wide frequency range acceptance.
  • Monitoring Connectivity: USB, RS232, and SNMP ports provide cable and online connections for your monitoring system.
  • Generator Compatible: Generator Mode feature controls highly unstable input to provide clean power support.
  • Easy Battery Expansion: External battery expansion can further extend battery support duration for extensive demand.

Elevate your power protection with the VGS Series UPS. Enjoy excellent power efficiency, advanced features, and the ability to fine-tune power settings to meet your specific equipment needs. Ensure reliable power support, efficient monitoring, and compatibility with a UPS that caters to your critical requirements.

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