Selecting Quality Cable

Selecting quality cable is always the best option. With the variants available in the ethernet cable market, sometimes it’s difficult to know what quality cable is and why it’s the better option. Datamaster® ethernet cable is quality and we don’t believe in lowering our quality to be the cheapest in the market. We do believe in being competitively priced. We’ve compiled a guide to what to look for when purchasing ethernet cable and why Datamaster® is the quality choice.

  1. Datamaster® is made from 100% pure, oxygen-free copper.
  • Anything less than 100% copper is illegal, including copper clad steel
  • ‘Pure’ and ‘oxygen-free’ are terms that refer to the copper not being recycled and reused
  • Anything less than 100% pure, oxygen free copper will give intermittent signal and performance
  • Datamaster® complies with Australian requirements for customer cabling products RCM
  • Datamaster® is also RoHS compliant (EU Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and verified to exceed ISO/IEC11801 standards (International I.T. requirements)
  1. Datamaster® is manufactured to exceed the data performance standards. Exceeding the standard:
  • Allows for fluctuations in environmental (site) factors including installation and interference issues
  • Just meeting the standards will falter post installation. If a cable just meets the standard in a controlled lab environment, it’s downhill from there
  • All Datamaster® Ethernet cable is FLUKE® tested, verified performance
  1. Datamaster® guarantees the performance standards are exceeded and offer a limited lifetime warranty.
  • Datamaster® performance standards are verified, which is why we can guarantee the performance.



*WARRANTY Warranty begins from purchase date of the item (invoice date). For warranty/service issues, please contact your place of purchase. Please hold on to your original receipt. The warranty covers any production and material defects of bona fide purchased product. The following is NOT COVERED by the warranty: Accidents, misuse, poor maintenance, electrical overloads such as lightening or voltage. Must be installed by a qualified installer, no DIY. No abuse. Incorrect installation of product. Tampered outer casing. Transportation costs for service call. Replacement item cannot exceed the cost of the item under warranty. The supplier is responsible for only repair or replacement.


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