IEC-320 Connectors

The IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) is the international standards and conformity assessment body for all fields of electrotechnology.

A set of thirteen plugs (called the appliance inlet in the specification) and thirteen matching sockets (called the connector) are defined by specification IEC 60320. A set of 11 appliance-inlets/connectors are defined in specification AS/NZS 60320.1:2004.

The plugs and sockets have either two or three conductors to suit either Class I or Class II equipment with varying current capacities and temperature ratings.

A plug's matching socket is designated by an odd number that is one number lower than the even number assigned to the plug. Therefore, a C14 plug fits into a C13 socket, a C20 plug fits a C19 socket etc.

The information in the table below is based on the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 60320.1:2004.

Connector Type Connector (1) Appliance  Inlet (2) Class of Equipment (3) Maximum Temperature of Appliance Inlet(2) Rated Current of Appliance Coupler(4) (RMS Amps)
iec320-c1 appliance connector C1 C2 II 70°C 0.2
iec320-c5 appliance connector C5 C6 I 70°C 2.5
iec320-c7 appliance connector C7 C8 II 70°C 2.5
iec320-c9 appliance connector C9 C10 II 70°C 6.0
iec320-c13 appliance connector C13 C14 I 70°C 10.0
iec320-c15 appliance connector C15 C16 I 120°C 10.0
iec320-c15a appliance connector C15A C16A I 155°C 10.0
iec320-c17 appliance connector C17 C18 II 70°C 10.0
iec320-c19 appliance connector C19 C20 I 70°C 16.0
iec320-c21 appliance connector C21 C22 I 155°C 16.0
iec320-c23 appliance connector C23 C24 II 70°C 16.0


Connector Type Connector (1) Appliance  Inlet (2) Class of Equipment (3) Maximum Temperature of Appliance Inlet(2) Rated Current of Appliance Coupler(4) (RMS Amps)
iec320-c3 appliance connector C3 C4 II 70°C 2.5
iec320-c11 appliance connector C11 C12 II 70°C 10.0


(1) Connector:
Part of the appliance coupler integral with, or intended to be attached to, the cord connected to the supply. Only one cord is connected to the Connector.
(2) Appliance Inlet: Part of the Appliance Coupler integrated or incorporated in the appliance or equipment or intended to be fixed to it. An Appliance Inlet integrated in an appliance or equipment is an Appliance Inlet (the shroud and base of) which is formed by the housing of the appliance or equipment. An Appliance Inlet incorporated in an appliance or an equipment is a separate Appliance Inlet built in or fixed to an appliance or equipment.
(3) Class of Equipment: Class I equipment has an earth connector. Class II equipment has only active & neutral pins with no earth.
(4)Appliance Coupler:A means of enabling the connection and disconnection at will, of a cord to an appliance or other equipment. It consists of two parts: a Connector and an Appliance inlet.


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