External Cable Colour Code

The table below gives the colour-coding for external communications cables up to 100 pairs. The colour-code is based on the five-colour sequence of Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate which are used in that order with a White mate for the first five pairs.

 Knowing this sequence of five colours allows you to easily determine the order of the remaining pairs as follows: The next five pairs use a Red mate (in place of the white mate), again using the "Line -" colours of   Blue, Orange, Green, Brown, Slate. The first ten pairs are bound together by a Blue binder-tape.

The second ten pairs repeat the sequence above, the only difference is that they are bound together with an Orange binder-tape. The binder-tape colour-sequence is shown below.

Pairs Binder-tape colours Pairs 1-10 Blue binder Pairs 11-20 Orange binder Pairs 21-30 Green binder Pairs 31-40 Brown binder Pairs 41-50 Slate binder Pairs 51-60 Blue/White binder Pairs 61-70 Blue/Orange binder Pairs 71-80 Blue/Green binder Pairs 81-90 Blue/Brown binder Pairs 91-100 Blue/Slate binder
PairLine +Line -
1 White Blue
2 White Orange
3 White Green
4 White Brown
5 White Slate
6 Red Blue
7 Red Orange
8 Red Green
9 Red Brown
10 Red Slate