PSTN Carrier Test Numbers

All test numbers for Telstra begin with 12722. Test numbers for Optus all begin with 12723. There are also a few common test numbers that are used by all carriers

Common Test Numbers used by all carriers

PSTN Carrier Test Numbers

Test NumberService
12711 Long distance carrier pre-selection confirmation
1800 80 1920 Own number RVA

Telstra Test Numbers

Test NumberService
12722 0 CND send status
12722 123 Own number RVA (old number 19 123)
12722 199 Ringback (old number 199)
12722 40001 "The number you have called is not available from this service"
12722 40003 "This service is not connected"
12722 40004 "Your attempt to use this feature has been unsuccessful"
12722 40005 "The feature you have tried to to use is not provided"
12722 40006 "The number you have called is not connected"
12722 40007 Recorded busy tone
12722 40008 "Congratulations. You have accessed a standard network test message recording"
12722 40009 "The person you are dialling now has a new telephone number. To find out the new number please call Telstra's changed number information service"
12722 40010 "The number you are calling is currently unavailable"
12722 40020 "The number you have called is not compatible with your equipment"
12722 40023 "The service type you have requested is not provided"
12722 40024 "You have attempted to call via a service provider network. All lines are currently busy. Please delay your call for a short time"
12722 40033 "This number is not in service. Please use the alternate number for the person you are trying to contact"
12722 40034 "This telephone number cannot be dialled with an area code. Please try again without using the area code"
12722 40035 "Thank you for using Telstra for your long distance calls"
12722 40036 Congestion tone
12722 40037 Congestion tone
12722 40064 "Operator assisted calls are not permitted to this number"
12722 42209 "Your Telstra call waiting feature is on"
12722 42210 "Your Telstra call waiting feature is off"
12722 42211 tone... "Your Telstra call waiting feature is on"
12722 42212 tone... "Your Telstra call waiting feature is off"

Optus Test Numbers

Test NumberService
12723 12 Own Number RVA (old number 127 2311)
12723 22 1kHz
12723 99 Ringback