D-subminiature Connectors

D-subminiature (D-sub) connectors were invented by Canon ITT in 1952 and are now in common use on a plethora of IT equipment. They have 2, 3 or 4 rows of pins (male) or sockets (female) surrounded by an elongated D-shaped metallic shell. The shell provides mechanical support and electrical screening and it's D-shape ensures correct plug and socket orientation. Connector contacts are spaced 2.74 mm   apart with the rows spaced 2.84 mm apart.


The correct format to specify a D-sub connector is shown below. The initial letter D (for D-subminiature) is followed by a letter denoting the shell size (A, B, C, D or E). A hyphen then preceeds two  or three digits that are used to denote the number of pins. The final character is  either P (plug) or S (socket) to denote the gender.

DB connector nomenclature explained    

There are numerous examples of misused nomenclature in everyday use such as the DE-09 connector being commonly (and erroniously) being called a DB-9. Also, the final character is often  either M (Male) or F (Female) instead of P or S. The hypen is often omitted.

D-subminiature connectors are divided into three groups; Standard Density, High Density and Double Density. The following tables show the correct names and the commonly-used names for all D-subminiature connectors.

Clicking on a pinout drawing will provide additional information about that particular connector.

D-subminiature (D-sub) Standard Density Connectors

Shell Pinout Correct Name Common Name Pins Rows
d-sub DA-15 (DB-15) 15 pin subminiature connector
DA-15 DB-15 15 2
DB d-sub DB-25 25 pin subminiature connector DB-25 DB-25 25 2
DC d-sub DC-37 (DB-37) 37 pin subminiature connector DC-37 DB-37 37 2
DD d-sub DD-50 (DB-50) 50 pin subminiature connector DD-50 DB-50 50 3
DE d-sub DE-09 (DB-9) 9 pin subminiature connector DE-09 DB-9 9 2

D-subminiature (D-sub) High Density Connectors

Shell Pinout Correct Name Common Name Pins Rows
DA d-sub DA26 (DB26-HD, HD-26) 15 pin subminiature connector DA-26 DB-26HD, HD-26 26 3
DB d-sub DB-44 (DB44-HD, HD-44) 44 pin subminiature connector DB-44 DB-44HD, HD-44 44 3
DC d-sub DC-62 (DB-62HD, HD-62) 62 pin subminiature connector DC-62 DB-62HD, HD-62 62 3
DD d-sub DD-78 (DB-78HD, HD-78) 78 pin subminiature connector DD-78 DB-78HD, HD-78 78 4
DE d-sub DE-15 (DB-15HD, HD-15) 15 pin subminiature connector DE-15 DB-15HD, HD-15 15 3

D-subminiature (D-sub) Double Density Connectors

Shell Pinout Correct Name Common Name Pins Rows
DA d-sub DA-31 (DB-31DD, DD-31) 31 pin subminiature connector DA-31 DB-31DD, DD-31 31 3
DB d-sub DB-52 (DB-52DD, DD-52) 52 pin subminiature connector DB-52 DB-52DD, DD-52 52 3
DC d-sub DC-79 (DB-79DD, DD-79) 15 pin subminiature connector DC-79 DB-79DD, DD-79 79 3
DD d-sub DD-100 (DB100-DD, DD-100) 100 pin subminiature connector DD-100 DB-100DD, DD-100 100 4
DE d-sub DE-19 (DB-19DD, DD-19) 19 pin subminiature connector DE-19 DB-19DD, DD-19 19 3

Note: The P or S final character has been omitted from the above tables.