Ultra Slim

Slim & Flexible CAT6 Patch Cables, available in 5 colours and 8 lengths, allows you to connect up and organise your network where space is a luxury.

Ultra Slim Cat6 UTP, 28AWG, Network Cable unshielded, twisted pair, 100% Bare Copper stranded copper, LSZH exterior, with high performance RJ45 modular plugs.

Highly flexible cable with tight bend radius suitable for high density installations and superior cable management.

The space saving design of the reduced diameter allows for twice the amount of cable to be routed through cable managers and pathways compared to traditional Cat6 patch cables – ideal for smaller data rooms, at the same time improves air flow and cooling.

Application: Suitable for small-medium to large data-centres.

Customisation available: Datamaster offers custom lengths, colours and printing on the cable.

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12 of 53 Items