Product Compliance

The Australian Telecommunications Authority (Austel) were responsible for issuing cabling licences, equipment permits and monitoring the conduct of licence and permit holders for all equipment and components connected to the Australian telephone network. The Spectrum Management Agency (SMA) was the Australian Commonwealth statutory agency responsible for the management of radio communications in Australia. On 1 July 1997, the AUSTEL and SMA merged to form the Australian Communications Authority (ACA). On July 1st 2005, ACA and ABA (Australian Broadcasting Authority) merged to form the ACMA (Australian Communications Media Authority). The ACMA is now responsible for technical regulation, consumer issues and licensing of telecommunications and radiocommunications in Australia. We use and recommend Austest Laboratories for product compliance testing.

The A-tick and ACMA supplier code indicates compliance with Australian telecommunications requirements and that the equipment can be legally connected to the Australian Telecommunications Network.  Our ACMA supplier code is N692
A C-Tick mark may also appear on products which are required to comply with Australian electromagnetic compatibility requirements and radiocommunications standards. It signifies that the product may be legally sold in Australia.  Our ACMA supplier code is N692 Since 31 December 1998, all equipment which requires EMC compliance must be marked with the C-tick and ACMA supplier code number. The supplier is responsible for holding a Compliance Folder which contains compliant test reports and a Declaration of Conformity.
  Electrical Safety Compliance & RCM
Power cords and AC adaptors for use in Australia must be tested for compliance with state electrical safety authority regulations. The New South Wales state government department responsible for electrical safety is The Department of Fair Trading (DOFT). Other States and Territories also have a department responsible for issuing Electrical Safety Certificates. A safety certificate issued in any State or Territory is recognised Australia wide. The product must be marked with a valid Electrical Safety Certificate Number e.g. NSW13816 (or N13816) or a RCM number issued by Standards Australia (SAA) e.g. N5071. C-Tick markings may also appear on an AC adaptor and show compliance with EMC standards. The RCM (Regulatory Compliance Mark) may be used as an alternative to show compliance with Electrical Safety and EMC standards. Our RCM (SAA) number is N5071.

Non-Compliance Label

If an item covered by the Telecommunications Labelling Notice does not comply with the applicable standard(s) and it is not a permitted item, it is regarded as non-compliant. All non-compliant items must be labelled with a non-compliance label and a warning statement (shown below).