UPS: Raptor 1025VA MSW Line Interactive

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RPT-1025 LCD
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Product Description

Raptor 1025VA MSW Line Interactive

Introducing the UPS RAPTOR 1025VA, your ultimate power solution from the Raptor Series. This powerful device seamlessly combines energy-saving features, full power protection, and a compact form factor to become your reliable partner for PCs and workstations.

Main Features


  • Comprehensive power protection: Raptor offers full-range protection against critical situations like surges, overload, and short circuits, ensuring your critical systems stay safe.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): Raptor's built-in AVR regulates fluctuating voltage, providing consistent power output and extending battery life.
  • Green mode energy-saving feature: Raptor's Green mode prevents unnecessary energy waste during non-essential periods, maintaining efficient battery life and power consumption.
  • Advanced Battery Management: Intelligent battery control ensures battery efficiency and lifespan.


  • One-button Control: Raptor's user-friendly interface allows for functions like self-tests, mode changes, and power control, all achievable through one simple button.
  • LED/LCD Status Display: Clear information about UPS current status is provided through distinct LED flash patterns and an LCD screen.


  • Audio Alarm Warning: Receive immediate notifications of UPS status warnings through distinct audible alarms.
  • UPSMON PRO APP Monitoring Support: Use UPSMON PRO and the accompanying app for remote monitoring, real-time status display, and user-friendly controls such as scheduled shutdowns, data logging, and self-diagnostics.

Experience the future of power protection with the UPS RAPTOR 1025VA. Elevate your power reliability, reduce energy waste, and gain control over your critical systems. Trust in Raptor's advanced features to keep your PCs and workstations running smoothly.

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RPT-1025 LCD
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