UPS: Imperial Digital 3000VA MSW Line Interactive

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Imperial Digital 3000VA MSW Line Interactive UPS

Meet the Imperial Digital 3000VA MSW Line Interactive UPS, your advanced power protection solution for critical equipment. This cutting-edge UPS, equipped with digital microprocessor control, ensures precision in detecting power anomalies and providing unwavering support during power failures.

Main Features


  • Advance Digital Microprocessor Control: The Imperial series employs advanced digital microprocessor control to accurately detect power anomalies and provide critical power support during outages.
  • Power Surge, Overload, and Short Circuit Protection: Safeguard your critical equipment against destructive power surges and overloads.
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR): Built-in AVR regulates fluctuated voltage to ensure consistent and reliable voltage support, regardless of voltage conditions.
  • Green Energy-Saving Feature: The Imperial series includes a green energy-saving feature that reduces unnecessary energy waste, maintaining efficient battery life and power consumption.


  • Elegant Compact Design: Imperial's unique curving design not only offers easy placement in both office and home settings but also provides a functional and aesthetic outlook.
  • LED / Digital Status Display: The LED light and digital display, along with simple symbol displays, ensure easy and clear information reading for user operation.


  • UPSMON PRO APP Monitoring Support: Take advantage of UPSMON PRO and the accompanying app for remote monitoring, real-time status display, and user-friendly controls such as scheduled shutdowns, data logging, and self-diagnostics.
  • Audio Alarm Warning: Receive clear indications of UPS status warnings through distinct audible alarms, ensuring immediate user notification.

Elevate your power protection with the Imperial Digital 3000VA MSW Line Interactive UPS. Ensure the safety of your critical equipment with advanced features, energy efficiency, and elegant design. Stay informed and in control with clear status displays and remote monitoring options.

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