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Discover the AVR-TCA Series UPS, a reliable power protection solution designed to stabilise fluctuating voltage and safeguard your critical devices. Equipped with a built-in Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR), this UPS ensures power stability and surge protection. Featuring clear LED status displays, self-diagnostic capabilities, and support for telecom equipment, it's the ideal choice for power safety and reliability.

Main Features

  • Build-in Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR): The AVR-TCA series UPS is attached with an AVR to stabilise fluctuating voltage, ensuring consistent and reliable power support for your critical devices.
  • Clear UPS Status Display: An attached LED provides clear status updates, allowing you to monitor the UPS's condition at a glance.
  • Auto Self-Diagnose and Alarm Warning: The UPS performs self-diagnostic tests and issues emergency alarm warnings, enhancing power safety.
  • Power Protection on Critical Devices: Surge, short circuit, and overload protection guarantee the safety and integrity of your critical devices.
  • Support for Telecom Equipment: The UPS offers connectivity through RJ45 and RJ11 ports, making it an ideal choice for supporting telecom equipment (Option).

Elevate your power protection with the AVR-TCA Series UPS. With a built-in Auto Voltage Regulator (AVR) and surge protection, it ensures stable and reliable power for your critical devices. The clear LED status display and self-diagnostic capabilities provide added assurance of power safety. Additionally, it supports telecom equipment, making it a versatile choice for various applications.

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