UPS: Macan Rack/Tower 3000VA PSW On-Line

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Macan Rack/Tower 3000VA PSW On-Line

Introducing the MRT Series UPS, the latest generation of power protection with advanced technology and Power Factor 1.0 output. This UPS is designed to provide mission-critical power system protection while ensuring optimal output performance. With features like hot swappable batteries, multi-section fan regulation, auto-rotating LCD, and frequency converter mode, it's the ultimate choice for seamless power protection.

Main Features

  • Output Power Factor 1.0: The MRT series UPS offers Power Factor 1.0 output, delivering maximum protection for your mission-critical power system and ensuring peak output performance.
  • Hot Swappable & Battery Easy Replacement: Benefit from a specific battery compartment design that facilitates easy battery replacement, ensuring uninterrupted power protection during battery changes.
  • Multi-Section Fan Regulation: MRT's multi-fan speed segments are tailored for specific device loading ranges, maintaining an ideal temperature for high-efficiency performance while significantly reducing operating noise.
  • 50 I 60 Hz Frequency Converter Mode: Regardless of input voltage fluctuations, the UPS locks the output frequency at 50 Hz or 60 Hz, ensuring power stability.
  • Auto-Rotating LCD Display: The industry-leading auto-rotating LCD display adapts to vertical tower or rack-mounted installations, providing users with instant access to all information through a large and clear display.
  • UPSMON PRO and APP Support: Monitor your UPS status and take control with UPSMON PRO and UPSMON APP, offering real-time UPS information and control.

Elevate your power protection with the MRT Series UPS. Experience Power Factor 1.0 output, hot swappable batteries, multi-fan regulation, and an auto-rotating LCD display. Ensure the safety and continuity of your critical equipment with frequency converter mode and stay in control with real-time UPS monitoring through UPSMON PRO and UPSMON APP.

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