UPS: Macan Tower 2000VA PSW On-Line

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Macan Tower 2000VA PSW On-Line

Introducing the MAC Series UPS, a new generation of power protection combining advanced technology with Power Factor 1.0 output. This UPS is designed to protect your system and ensure the best output performance. With features like pure sine wave output, a brand-new LCD display, multi-section fan regulation, true double conversion, and frequency converter mode, it's the ideal choice for safeguarding your important devices.

Main Features

  • Output Power Factor 1.0: The MAC series UPS provides Power Factor 1.0 output, ensuring maximum protection for your system and optimal output performance.
  • Pure Sine Wave Output Less Than 2.5% THD: With the latest POWERCOM technology, MAC delivers a pure sine wave output with less than 2.5% Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) for an enhanced user experience.
  • Brand-New Diagram LCD Display: Equipped with an industry-leading LCD display, MAC series UPS offers a big, clear display that allows users to access UPS information instantly.
  • Multi-Section Fan Regulation: MAC's multi-fan speed segments are designed for different loading conditions, maintaining optimal temperature and reducing operating noise.
  • True Double Conversion: Enjoy clean, high-quality, and stable power with true double conversion technology, fully protecting your important devices.
  • 50 I 60 Hz Frequency Converter Mode: Regardless of input voltage fluctuations, the UPS locks the output frequency at 50 Hz or 60 Hz for stability.
  • UPSMON PRO and APP Support: Monitor your UPS status and control it instantly using UPSMON PRO and UPSMON APP, ensuring real-time information and control.

Elevate your power protection with the MAC Series UPS. Experience Power Factor 1.0 output, pure sine wave technology, a clear LCD display, and efficient multi-fan regulation. Ensure the safety and stability of your important devices with true double conversion. Stay in control with frequency converter mode and real-time UPS monitoring through UPSMON PRO and UPSMON APP.

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