UPS: Vanguard II Rack/Tower 2000VA PSW On-Line, L Series *

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Vanguard II Rack/Tower 2000VA PSW On-Line, L Series *

Introducing the VRT Series UPS, a versatile power solution known for its 0.9 Power Factor, On-Line Double Conversion technology, and advanced features. With a focus on power efficiency, this UPS provides excellent real power ratio, ensuring higher power density and improved space design. Featuring a multi-language LCD, UPSMON PRO support, and compatibility with generators, the VRT Series offers comprehensive power protection for diverse environments.

Main Features

  • Power Efficiency 0.9 Power Factor: The VRT series offers a 0.9 Power Factor, delivering excellent real power ratio for higher power density and improved space design.
  • On-Line Double Conversion Technology: High-frequency, double-conversion technology ensures a true sine wave output, providing filtered and reliable power support for critical equipment.
  • Fan Speed Regulation: Automatic adjustment based on load variances optimises temperature control and reduces noise, enhancing user experience.
  • Advanced Battery Management System: The system ensures precise charging based on battery condition and temperature, extending battery life and maintaining optimal performance.
  • Manual Control Friendly Multi-Language LCD: The international language LCD supports English, Japanese, French, German, Italian, and more, making the UPS accessible to a diverse user base.
  • UPS Monitoring Support: Utilise UPSMON PRO software and app for comprehensive monitoring features, including status displays, scheduled events, and setting adjustments accessible through computers and mobile devices.
  • Emergency Power Off (EPO): In critical times, EPO enables an imminent shutdown, enhancing safety.
  • DC Cold Start Function: UPS operation is available without the main power source, catering to user needs.
  • Compatibility: Rack & Tower Design: Highly compatible with commercial and data centre server racks, with individual tower stands available for added versatility.
  • Selectable Output Voltage: User-adjustable voltage output provides flexibility to meet various critical equipment needs.
  • Frequency Stabilising Feature: Free Run Mode ensures consistent 50/60Hz output with wide frequency range acceptance.
  • Monitoring Connectivity: USB, RS232, and SNMP ports offer both cable and online connections for your monitoring system.
  • Generator Compatible: The Generator Mode feature controls highly unstable input to provide clean power support during generator operation.
  • Easy Battery Expansion: External battery expansion can further extend battery support duration for demanding requirements.

Elevate your power protection with the VRT Series UPS, offering a versatile power solution with advanced features and the ability to fine-tune power settings to meet diverse equipment needs. Ensure reliable power support, efficient monitoring, and compatibility with various environments and power sources.

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