Temperature Humidity Sensor with 2 x field alert inputs used with USHA Smart

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EMD-TH Sensor
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Product Description

Temperature Humidity Sensor with 2 x field alert inputs used with USHA Smart

Introducing NETFeeler, a versatile and multi-functional sensor designed to enhance your monitoring capabilities. With the ability to detect temperature, humidity, glass-break events, smoke, gas, and support for up to 7 RF door/window sensors, along with infrared motion detection, NETFeeler offers a comprehensive solution for a wide range of monitoring needs.

Main Features

  • Temperature and Humidity Detection: NETFeeler can accurately detect temperature and humidity, making it ideal for various environmental monitoring applications.
  • Glass-Break Sensor Support: This sensor supports glass-break detection, enhancing security and safety in your monitored areas.
  • Smoke and Gas Sensors: NETFeeler is compatible with smoke and gas sensors, providing additional protection and early warning capabilities.
  • RF Door/Window Sensors: Support for up to 7 RF door/window sensors adds to the versatility of NETFeeler for monitoring access points.
  • InfraRed Sensors for Motion Detection: NETFeeler features infrared sensors for reliable motion detection, ensuring a comprehensive surveillance solution.

NETFeeler is the perfect addition to your monitoring system, offering the flexibility to detect environmental changes, security breaches, and motion events. With support for various sensors, including temperature, humidity, glass-break, smoke, gas, RF door/window sensors, and infrared motion detection, NETFeeler is a powerful and versatile choice for monitoring a wide range of scenarios.

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EMD-TH Sensor