Universal Ringer New Type-C

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Universal Loud Sounding Tone Ringer / Alarm

  • This versatile unit replaces the Type-C Alarm
  • The Universal Ringer New Type C - K3509 is designed to provide audible alerts for various applications. It features provision for two exchange lines via separate RJ11 sockets and offers four different selectable alarm tones for each exchange line. All other connections to and from the unit are made via screw terminals, ensuring easy installation.
  • This unit requires the K3505 horn speaker for optimal performance.
  • In addition to exchange line support, the Universal Ringer Type C can connect to peripheral devices such as strobe lights, PIR sensors, doorbells, reed relays, and PA amplifier inputs, making it versatile for different alert scenarios.
  • The package includes a 12V DC power supply, which not only powers the unit but also supports strobe-light operation.
  • When used in conjunction with our K3505 Horn Speaker, the Universal Loud Sounding Alarm can achieve a maximum volume of 110dB, ensuring audibility in various environments.
  • The unit has a REN (Ringer Equivalence Number) of 0.1, indicating its compatibility with telephone lines.
  • Dimensions: 115mm (W) x 155mm (H) x 35mm (D)

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Universal Alarm

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