RG6/U Coaxial Cable 100m Reel

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Upgrade your TV and security camera installations with the Y8021-002 RG6/U Dual-Shield Coaxial Cable, a reliable and high-performance solution designed for 75 ohm applications. This cable is ideal for use in long runs, ensuring low-loss signal transmission with its dual aluminium braid and foil shield. The gas-injected (foamed) PE dielectric enhances signal quality, while the copper clad steel conductor provides tensile strength and a secure connection to F-Type connectors. The black jacket features count-down metre-marking for easy measurement.

Key Features

  • 75 Ohm Coaxial Cable: Specifically designed for TV and security camera applications with a 75 ohm impedance.
  • Dual Shield: The aluminium braid and foil shield ensure reliable signal transmission with low loss over extended distances.
  • Gas-Injected PE Dielectric: Enhances signal quality and performance for optimal transmission.
  • Copper Clad Steel Conductor: Provides both tensile strength and a reliable connection to F-Type connectors.
  • Black Jacket with Count-Down Metre-Marking: Facilitates easy measurement for precise installations.

Product Details

The Y8021-002 RG6/U Dual-Shield Coaxial Cable is a versatile and durable choice for demanding applications, ensuring high-quality signal transmission for TV and security camera systems. Its dual-shield construction, gas-injected dielectric, and copper clad steel conductor make it a dependable solution for various installations.

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Invest in the Y8021-002 RG6/U Dual-Shield Coaxial Cable for a secure and efficient signal transmission solution. Order now to experience reliable connectivity for your TV and security camera setups. For any enquiries or additional information, our expert team is available to assist you in achieving the best results for your specific needs. Contact us to explore customisation options or discuss your unique requirements.

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