3-Pin Mains Power Cord 1.8m Black 3C 1.0mm Blunt Cut

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Elevate your power connections with precision using the 3 Pin Power Cord to blunt cut. This versatile cord, available in custom lengths and colours, is a 2-core or 3-core flex fitted with a standard Australian mains plug and blunt cut at the other end for easy wiring to a device. Equipped with insulated pins compliant with AS/NZS3112 standards, this power cord ensures a reliable and safe connection for your hard-wired electrical appliances or light fittings. With the option for customisations such as stripping, tinning, or terminals, this cord provides flexibility tailored to your specific needs.

Key Features

  • 3 Pin Power Cord to Blunt Cut 1.8m: Tailored for versatility, this power cord features 2-core or 3-core flexibility in a convenient 1.8-meter length, with a blunt cut at one end for easy wiring to your devices.
  • Customisable Options: Choose from custom lengths, colours, and additional services such as stripping, tinning, or terminals to meet your specific requirements.
  • Australian Mains Plug: Fitted with a standard Australian mains plug featuring insulated pins compliant with AS/NZS3112, ensuring a secure and compliant power connection.
  • Safety Assurance: Electrical Safety Authority Approved, providing peace of mind that this power cord adheres to stringent safety standards.
  • Designed for general use, these power cords connect devices and appliances to electrical outlets. Ideal for repairing or replacing damaged cords, or creating longer cords than those provided with devices. Featuring a moulded plug with straight, flat blades at one end and a blunt cut at the other end for easy wiring to the device.

Product Details

The 3 Pin Power Cord to blunt cut 1.8m in black offers a tailored solution for your power connection needs. Whether for hard-wired electrical appliances or light fittings, this cord ensures a secure and compliant connection. The flexibility of customisation allows you to choose the length, colour, and additional features that suit your unique requirements.

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Upgrade your power connections confidently with the 3 Pin Power Cord to blunt cut 1.8m in black. Order now for a dependable cord that offers versatility, safety, and customisation options. For any enquiries or assistance, our expert support team is ready to help. Empower your electrical setups with the assurance of safety and tailored performance.

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3 Pin Mains Plug
Blunt cut

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