Plug DC Retro 9.5 X 6.3 X 3.2 - K3715

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DC Output Plugs

Quality retro-fit DC output plugs for use with power supplies. Soft PVC backshell with flexible cord entry for improved strain relief. Any of these output plug types can be injection molded to output cords when ordering our power supplies.

Other Plugs Available

K3710 (A) 9.0(L) x 3.5(OD) x 1.3(ID)mm DC Plug

K3712/09 (B) 9.0(L) x 5.5(OD) x 2.1(ID)mm DC Plug

K3712/14 (B) 14.0(L) x 5.5(OD) x 2.1(ID)mm DC Plug

K3714/09 (C) 9.0(L) x 5.5(OD) x 2.5(ID)mm DC Plug

K3714/14 (C) 14.0(L) x 5.5(OD) x 2.5(ID)mm DC Plug

K3715 (C) 9.5(L) x 6.3(OD) x 3.2(ID)mm DC Plug

K3672 (D) 2.5mm Mono Phono

K3674 (E) 3.5mm Mono Phono

K3683 (F) 3 Pin Mini-Din

K3695 (G) 5 Pin Din (240° pins)

K3701 (H) EIAJ-01

K3702 (I) EIAJ-02

K3703 (J) EIAJ-03

K3704 (K) EIAJ-04

K3705 (L) EIAJ-05

K3708 (M) 9.5(L) x 5.5(OD) x 2.1(ID)mm Right Angle

K3709 (N) 9.5(L) x 5.5(OD) x 2.5(ID)mm Right Angle

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