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Elevate your video transmission capabilities with the P0761-145 VGA Extender Passive, a single-channel UTP VGA balun designed to transmit high-resolution and high-fidelity VGA video signals over UTP cables. This versatile solution is perfect for various applications, including professional presentations, video surveillance, and more.

Each set of the P0761-145 includes both a VGA transmitter and receiver, ensuring a seamless and reliable signal transmission. The best part? This device is incredibly user-friendly—it's plug and play, meaning no driver software installation is required. With this VGA extender, you can achieve exceptional video quality without the hassle.

Key Features

  • P0761-145 VGA Extender Passive for High-Resolution VGA Video Transmission
  • Single Channel UTP VGA Balun
  • Versatile Solution for Professional Presentations, Video Surveillance, and More
  • Includes VGA Transmitter and Receiver
  • Plug and Play - No Driver Software Required

Product Details

Unlock the potential for high-quality VGA video transmission with the P0761-145 VGA Extender Passive. This single-channel UTP VGA balun offers exceptional performance, making it suitable for professional presentations, video surveillance systems, and various other applications.

Each set includes both a VGA transmitter and receiver, ensuring that your video signals reach their destination without any degradation in quality. What's more, this device is incredibly user-friendly. It's a plug-and-play solution, meaning you can set it up without the need for any driver software. Simply connect, and you're ready to enjoy high-resolution VGA video transmission.

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