IEC-C13 TO C14 2M Lockable Black

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Product Description

Product Overview

Elevate your power connections with confidence using the IEC C13 to IEC C14 Lockable 2m Power Cord in Black. This dependable cord is engineered with a patented IEC-lock mechanism, providing you with secure power connections for your valuable data and appliances. Say goodbye to accidental disconnections with this innovative solution.

Key Features

  • IEC C13 to IEC C14 Lockable 2m Power Cord in Black.
  • Secure power connection for valuable data.
  • Patented IEC-lock mechanism.
  • Protection against accidental disconnection.
  • Ideal for computers, servers, and medical applications.

Product Details

The IEC C13 to IEC C14  Lockable 2m Power Cord in Black offers a secure power connection that's perfect for safeguarding valuable data and appliances. Its patented IEC-lock mechanism ensures that your power connections stay firmly in place, even in environments prone to vibration. Choose peace of mind for your power connections.

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Upgrade your power connections confidently with the IEC C13 to IEC C14 Lockable 2m Power Cord in Black. Order now for a dependable cord featuring a patented IEC-lock mechanism, protecting your valuable data and appliances from accidental disconnection. If you have any questions or need assistance, our expert support team is ready to assist you.