Conv Cord 2.1/5-Pin Din Pos=Pin2 Neg=Pin5 - K3621-5PD

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Output Plug Converter Cords

Output cord converter with injection molded DC plug and socket.

Convert the existing output plug of a power supply to a different type, size or polarity.

Cross-over version reverses polarity from centrepositive to centre-negative or centre-negative to centre-positive whilst either maintaining existing plug type and size or converting to another.

Standard length is 130mm overall and standard construction is 20AWG.

Other Configurations are

K3621-S13 2.1mm ID 1.3mm ID Straight-thru Black Round

K3621-S25 2.1mm ID 2.5mm ID Straight-thru Black Round

K3621-SJ2 2.1mm ID EIAJ-02 Straight-thru Yellow Round

K3621-X21 2.1mm ID 2.1mm ID Cross-over Red Round

K3621-21R 2.1mm ID 2.1mm ID Right-angle Straight-thru Black Figure-8

K3621-X25 2.1mm ID 2.5mm ID Cross-over Green Round

K3621-150 2.1mm ID Blunt Cut Round

K3625-S21 2.5mm ID 2.1mm ID Straight-thru Black Figure-8

K3625-X21 2.5mm ID 2.1mm ID Cross-over Green Figure-8

K3625-X25 2.5mm ID 2.5mm ID Cross-over Red Figure-8

K3625-150 2.5mm ID Blunt Cut Round

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