DC output plugs

Quality retro-fit DC output plugs for use with our SMPSU power supplies and AC adaptors. Soft PVC backshell with flexible cord entry for improved strain relief. Any of these output plug types can be injection molded to output cords when ordering our power supplies.

internet icon Dimensions

Cat # Photo Plug Type Product Specifcations
K3710A 9(l) × 3.5(OD) × 1.3(ID)mm DC Plug PDF icon   Product Specifications
K3712/09B 9(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.1(ID)mm DC Plug  
K3712/12B 12(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.1(ID)mm DC Plug  
K3712/14B 14(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.1(ID)mm DC Plug  
K3714/09C 9(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.5(ID)mm DC Plug  
K3714/12C 12(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.5(ID)mm DC Plug  
K3714/14C 14(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.5(ID)mm DC Plug PDF icon   Product Specifications
K3715C 9.5(L) × 6.3(OD) × 3.2(ID)mm DC Plug  
K3672D 2.5 mm Mono Phono PDF icon   Product Specifications
K3674E 3.5 mm Mono Phono  
K3683F 3 Pin Mini-Din  
K3695G 5 Pin Din  
K3701H EIAJ-01  
K3702I EIAJ-02  
K3703J EIAJ-03  
K3704K EIAJ-04  
K3705L EIAJ-05  
K3708M 9.5(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.1(ID)mm Right Angle  
K3709N 9.5(L) × 5.5(OD) × 2.5(ID)mm Right Angle  

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